Easiest Way to Find Email Addresses for Free

I am not going to list the top 6 ways to find email addresses. Here, I am going to reveal THE ONE method that I always use. And this method works so well that I have stuck to it for the last two years.

You can’t find email addresses in bulk with this method because this method is free, and something that doesn’t cost money costs time. 

However, if you want to send 10-20 outbound emails every day, this should be your go-to method. It’s perfect for freelance writers, photographers, web developers, designers, and other service professionals looking to offer their services to businesses. 

I always feel like a detective-cum-hacker when I successfully find someone’s email.

Let’s get to it, Sherlock.

Step 1: 

Install Name2Email extension in your Chrome web browser. The extension is also available for the Brave browser. 

Step 2: 

Open Gmail and compose a new email. In the “to” field, write the prospect’s first and last name followed by their organization’s domain address. E.g., “Shubham Yadav wordsinbound.com”

Don’t write the middle name of a person in the “to” field. This extension only works if you type in the prospect’s first and last name.

The Name2Click extension will highlight the prospect’s email address in Green. Click on it. 

Note: This extension works only with Gmail.

And Done!

See? It’s that easy. How many minutes did it take? Two?

You can use this extension to find emails free forever. There’s no monthly limit on the number of emails you can identify. 

You can thank the team at reply.io for developing such a beautiful extension. 

Bonus Method:

Reply.io offers another handy extension called “Reply: LinkedIn Email Finder and Outreach.”

This extension can scrape someone’s email address directly from their LinkedIn profile. 

Step 1

Install the extension.

Step 2

Visit the person’s LinkedIn profile and click on the extension. And bam! You have their email address.

Reach Out to Anyone

Cold emailing isn’t only for business. You can reach out to recruiters, managers, or CEOs directly and ask for a job. 

These extensions will find the email addresses for you 90% of the time. So, you can rely on these extensions for your outbound efforts. 

Published by Shubham Yadav

Hi there, I am a B2C freelance writer for hire.

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