Do Born Writers Earn More as a Freelance Writer?

It depends. Because being a born writer and being a successful freelance writer is unrelated. 

I am not a born writer. I picked up writing in college while looking for ways to make money online. And ultimately, I was able to make a decent amount. 

You don’t have to be a born writer to make money as a freelance writer. I am the proof. And so are many other writers whom I have met in FB groups. 

Many people began writing in adulthood and are making money working as freelance writers, either full-time or part-time. So, chances are, if you invest time and effort into learning to write and selling services to clients, you can earn a decent income from freelance writing.

Should You Compare Yourself to People Who Started Writing Early?

Natural talent is a fact. People who start young have an advantage over those who start late. 

But get this. To become a successful freelance writer, you have to sell yourself well. The odds of you getting success in this field not only rest upon being a good writer but ALSO a good marketer. 

It’s no use being a good writer unless you get your name out in front of prospects. Continuous prospecting increases your odds of securing a gig.

It’s not the born writers who make good freelance writers. It’s the writers who know how to market themselves. 

Writing and marketing – both skills are learnable. 


Don’t Be Disheartened That You Didn’t Start Early

Robert Kiyosaki mentions in one of the chapters in the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that he is a “best-selling author” and not a “best-writing author.” 

And it makes sense. It’s not necessary (and existentially unfair) that the most talented people become the most successful. 

Therefore, you should focus on improving your writing skills, simultaneously focusing on cold pitching, networking, and exploring other ways of finding clients.

Also, cold pitching is a nice-to-have skill because you can not only find clients to build a business but also create job opportunities for yourself by contacting a company’s decision-makers.  

Published by Shubham Yadav

Hi there, I am a B2C freelance writer for hire.

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