Inbound marketing is fascinating. A business can build the highest form of relationship with their customers through inbound marketing. It’s the method of humanizing a brand.

My writing will help your business to do just that. 

Growth is the objective.

Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, or a brilliant entrepreneur, I can write for you. My writing will help you forge better relationships, attract and convert more customers, build a loyal following and boost your online presence. 

Who am I?

I am Shubham, a B2C freelance writer, who happens to be certified by HubSpot in inbound and content marketing. I offer blogging, article writing and SEO writing as my main services.

Why me?

I am a blogger, with the thinking pattern of a content marketer. I know how to write according to the written and the unwritten rules of inbound marketing. 

I will write SEO friendly content for your blog and website, which matches your brand voice.

Being inbound and content marketing certified by HubSpot, I know the importance of audience persona and buyer’s journey. I will add value to your marketing campaigns by putting my content marketing knowledge to use. 

Get in touch with me.