If you’re on this website, I either emailed you or you were searching on Google for a freelance writer for hire. 

Anyway, my name is Shubham, and I specialize in writing blog posts for B2C companies. Consumer products and services, e-commerce, and retail are my favorite industries.

People want to read an engaging, fun, information-filled copy, and I deliver. Have a look at my portfolio here (and be prepared to be awed by it).

My simple rules to writing copy:

  • Don’t tell people what they already know.
  • Make it easy to read.
  • Big words are a no-no.
  • Injecting personality into writing goes a long way.
  • People don’t care if I spend 6 hours to write a piece of copy. If they’re in a hurry, they’ll skim over it. And I make my copy skimmable.

 My clients love my work, and here’s the proof.

 Think again if you believe one or both of these statements:

  1. Great content can’t be optimized for SEO.
  2. SEO-optimized articles are boring to read.

You can have both. A conversational, SEO-optimized, on-brand blog post that’s ready to be posted on your blog. And minimal editing required by you!

Don’t worry about deadlines, I’ll complete your project first if you send it to me first, even if it means saying no to others.

And I just wanted to let you know that I am inbound- and content-marketing certified by HubSpot (if you care about that). This means I have knowledge about the customer journey, target personae, and content marketing funnels that allows me to write targeted articles and blog posts.

Have you noticed that I don’t deride other writers? I don’t do that here. There are lots of amazing writers out there you can work with. But since the stars have aligned and you’re here reading the copy on my page, let’s try working with each other.

Who knows? We may enjoy working together so much that you’ll want to sign a contract with me so I can’t work for your competitors.

Alright. Now it’s time to stop reading and shoot me an email at shubham@wordsinbound.com. Let’s start a conversation!

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