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Here’s a little bit about me and what I do. 

I’m Shubham Yadav — the creative force behind Words Inbound.
With a rich history spanning over 4 years in the content industry, I’ve crafted compelling narratives, websites, email campaigns, and social media designs for businesses across a multitude of niches. My passion lies in transforming your ideas into impactful digital footprints that not only engage but convert.
Digital marketing engages my logical as well as creative mind. Sometimes, I need to be robotic and methodic, and other times, I let my creative mind soar free. The sheer variety of tasks breaks the monotony and excites me for what's next.

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Strategic Approach

Understanding marketing funnels is crucial for effective content. I don’t just create; I strategize. Every piece I craft is tailored to fit into a broader marketing strategy, ensuring every touchpoint with your audience is meaningful and drives action.

Versatile Tool Mastery

Whether it’s crafting visually appealing designs on Canva, drafting content on Google Docs, optimizing using Surfer SEO and ClearScope, or project management via Asana and Trello, my proficiency with these tools ensures a seamless experience for all my clients.

Certified Expertise

As a proud certificate holder from industry giants like HubSpot and SemRush, I bring to the table advanced knowledge of inbound marketing, marketing funnels, on-page SEO, and copywriting.

Hands-on WordPress Experience

Having worked extensively with WordPress, I can ensure your website not only looks great but functions seamlessly as well.

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